Monday, April 19, 2010

Choral Speaking Script! (official)

L : LEFT, R: RIGHT. first row : number 1, second row: number 2 and third row: number 3.

I hope its clear to you all, don't hesistate to ask if there's any qs! :)

L&R2,3: Guys, the choral speaking competition is next week!
L&R1: Oh My God, what are we going to talk about?!
R123 :Let’s talk about FOOD! Mmmm…
L123: Let’s talk about GHOSTS! Uuuuu…
Lydia: No, let’s talk about something we ALL have in common!
L&R 123: What, our parents’ nagging?!
Lydia: No, I’m talking about music!
L1,2,3: Music?!
ALL: Mu~sic! Even the word is music to our ears!

ALL: A very good morning to the honorable judges, teachers and friends. Today, whether you want to hear it or not, we’re going to tell you all about music!
L1,2,3: So, sit back, relax
R1,2,3: But don’t fall asleep
ALL: And…. Enjoy the show!

ALL: As teens, music plays a HUGE part in our everyday lives!
I bet most of us can't live without music!
We all have iPods, MP3s and even our handphones have music!
All around us there’s music—on the radio, television and even our surroundings!
L&R2,3:The ticking of the clock..
L&R1: Tick tock, tick tock
L&R2,3: The tweeting of the birds…
L&R1: Tweet-tweet, tweet-tweet!
ALL: EVERYTHING has its own natural rhythm and beat that forms its own music!
Now, let us bring you b~ack in time…
To see how music has evolved!

ALL: In the seventies, pop dominated the airwaves!
Can you imagine
Our grandparents grooved to Stevie Wonder and the Beatles--
L1,2,3: Who?!
R1,2,3: WE don’t have a clue!
ALL: ‘Pop music’ actually came from the word ‘popular music’. Over time, it made its own genre as we know today.
Its basis covers several different genres of music: jazz, rock, soul, r&b

Creating a fusion of sound that evolves into pop music as we know it!

Over time, pop music’s popularity increased by the rise of MTV, which popularized artists such as Michael Jackson, Madonna and Prince.

ALL: T~hen, in the eighties, a new genre of music was born!
Disco, babeyh!
The "disco sound" is so unique it defies description! It draws on many influences: Jazz, Latin, pop—all that produces a feet-tapping melody. It mostly consists of dance beats that makes you want to—
L2,3:--Bust a move!

R2,3: And break out your groove!
L&R1:Okay, that’s enough.
ALL:With disco music came the fashion that most of us today would cringe at.
L&R3: Bell bottoms
L&R2:Puffy hair
L&R1:Poodle skirts
ALL: And even six inch platforms!

ALL: Boy,
Aren’t we glad we’re in the 21st century!

ALL: In the nineties—
Farah Natasha: WOHOO! ROCK AND ROLLL!!! (everyone looks) err, sorry.
ALL:As we were s~aying, nineties brought rock music to a whole new level! Rock took a new definition.
From the 80es beat, society practiced freedom of expression by rock music.
From classic rock, sub-genres quickly developed: pop-rock, blues-rock and glam rock.

L1,2,3:And so, our trip down memory lane ends.
R1,2,3:But the 21st century music begins!
ALL: Pop. Techno. Rap. Rock. RNB. Soul. Metal. Hiphop. You name it!

Even foreign music like Jrock and Kpop!
Nadirah: "Sorry sorry sorry sorry…"
ALL:With so many genres of music, no wonder life is a symphony!

ALL: Music influences teenagers in s~o many ways.

L1,2,3: Hearing your favourite song on the radio can turn your day 360 degrees!

R1,2,3: It’s the most effective medium that teens use to break out of the funk.

ALL: There is just so much meaning behind music nowadays!

Music can also tell an artist’s life story, things they have been through, and even their opinion on certain views.

L&R2,3: Songs about the environment,

L&R1:[earth song!]

L&R2,3: about love and friendship,

L&R1:[falling for you!]

L&R2,3: and about life’s experiences all give a positive impact to the listeners.

ALL: It’s the universal medium that everyone understands, even through the language barrier!

From America to France, Germany to Zimbabwe, music is abundant and constant.

Through the mass media, music from all walks of life are heard and enjoyed.

ALL: We all need music in our lives. The steady beat of music calms the mind, heart and soul.

Young or old, white or black, Caucasian or Asian, ev~eryone is united by this freedom of self-expression.

As life goes on, new beats are discovered, new rhythms are explored and self expression begins again!

No one can get bored or tired of music because it is ever-changing.

ALL: In short, life without music would be...
(someone) : Devastating!
(someone) : Boring!

[cricket sound]
ALL: It just simply wouldnt be life!

Thank you!


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